A Japanese tuning giant HKS was founded in 1973 with the initial intention of creating race engines for a range of motorsport applications. Whilst this is no longer the core of HKS business, the spirit remains in all HKS activities.

For over 40 years HKS has been the leader in Japanese aftermarket tuning delivering many firsts in the Japanese aftermarket including the first bolt on turbo kit, electronic boost controller, turbo timer and more.

HKS has built its reputation through uncompromising design and endless pursuit to deliver a quality product that the users desire, whether it is in the form of a complete kit to enable simple bolt on installation or just the necessary parts for an experienced tuner to perfect their own creation.

The performance of HKS products have been proven over the years through our motorsport activities. As the trends of tuning change with each generation, so too do the demands on the products. In 1983 HKS were the first to reach over 300km/h in a Japanese car with the M300.

In the 90’s HKS participated in Group A touring cars with an R32 GT-R and were able to finish ahead of manufacturer works teams. The 90s also saw a boom in drag racing in Japan and HKS set records in various machines including the Supra, 180SX, FWD Celica, 4WD R32 & R33 GT-R

HKS further expanded on their motorsport activities through participation in the JTCC in the HKS Cavalier, JGTC with the HKS CLK and even in British F3.

These motorsport endeavours allowed HKS to develop effective products by applying the knowhow gained through racing. The street customer would be the one to ultimately benefit as they would have motorsport performance but with the necessary driveability and durability for street use.

As we approached the end of the century, the proving ground had moved from the drag strip to the circuit and the Time Attack format became the new way for tuners to show their Talent. Naturally HKS was amongst those who took on the challenge and were the first to break the milestone of 1 minute at Tsukuba circuit.

HKS have continued to lead in the field of Time attack with various machines including the Altezza TRB-01, Lancer Evolution VII, TRB-02 and most notably the HKS CT230R

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