Round 2 Preview : Knockhill

NewsPosted on 23rd May 2014

This weekend we return to Knockhill in Scotland for Round 2 of the 2014 Time Attack Championship.

A favourite track amongst the drivers due to exciting twists and changes of altitude, Knockhill is back on the calendar after a one year absence.

As Scotland’s only MSA approved and and FIA Internationally graded Circuit, the 1.3-mile (2km) long circuit features a series of drops and climbs. Duffus Dip is a particular favourite with spectators and drivers alike; a tight right-left corkscrew twist down a steep hill, right at the end of the main straight. While the blind crest of Chicane is a true test of precision and bravery, forcing drivers to point their car at the sky on the climb onto the Brabhams back straight.

Knockhill 3Club Challenge 4WD

Knockhill Lap Record

54.073 – Subaru Impreza GC8 – Kev Horsley – 2008

Dave Coe will be hoping to make it two wins out of two at Knockhill. At Silverstone, he left his best until the final amongst a competitive field, where anyone could set the fastest lap.

PE2 - Dave Coe
Matthew Webster will be trying to maintain his strong start to the season, while Mitsubishi Evo driver Matt Lawson joins the line-up.
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Damien Bradley 22 Club 4WD Subaru Legacy
Jason Bird 400 Club 4WD Mitsubishi Evo 5
Eric Holmes 79 Club 4WD Mitsubishi Evo
Mathew Webster 83 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Mark Flook 800 Club 4WD Mitsubishi GTO
Andy Grady 43 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Dave Coe 80 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Matt Lawson 11 Club 4WD Mitsubishi Evo

Club Challenge FWD

Knockhill Lap Record

54.474 – Fiat Coupe – Marco Haig – 2010

The biggest and arguably closest class in Time Attack. Round 1 winner Jonny Fletcher has made only minor changes for Knockhill, including a new oil catch can.

PE2 - Fletcher
While 2013 Champion Marc Donnelly hasn’t made any changes to his Focus RS-powered Mk3 Escort since Silverstone, but he has modified his finger with a wedding ring (Congratulations Karin!) It will be interesting to see how the newcomers cope with the fearsome Duffus Dip, including Astra VXR driver Matt Straker who grabbed third spot at Rd.1.
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Jeff Alden 19 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Neil Wrenn 29 Club FWD Honda Civic
Antonio Giovinazzo 27 Club FWD Alfa Romeo 155
Jonny Fletcher 64 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Marc Donnelly 76 Club FWD Ford Escort
Adrian Daniel 31 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra Coupe
Matthew Straker 30 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Daniel Clark 92 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Stewart Summers 97 Club FWD Citroen Saxo
Darren Spooner 13 Club FWD Peugeot 205
Will Watson 35 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Adam Jones 25 Club FWD Honda Civic Type-R

Club Challenge RWD

Knockhill Lap Record

55.997 – Toyota Supra – Steve Linton – 2010

Noble driver Kevin Jones blasted his way to the top at Rd.1 but he might not have things his own way at Knockhill. Umar Masood has reacted to the challenge with a new engine, new sponsors and renewed focus in his FD3S Mazda RX-7.

PE2 - Masood

Look out for One-Hit Wonder Andrew Baird in his aero-equipped Lotus Elise too.
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Kevin Jones 58 Club RWD Noble M12 GTO3
Andrew Baird 12 Club RWD – OHW Lotus Elise
Umar Masood 48 Club RWD Maxda RX7
Neil Clark 55 Club RWD Maxda RX7
Lorence Charter 44 Club RWD Maxda RX7


Club NA

Knockhill Lap Record

57.548 (under 3,000cc) – MG Metro 6R4 – Mark Pollard – 2010

56.322 (over 3,000cc) – Mazda RX-7 V8 – Craig Winstanley – 2008

It will be interesting to see how close the Civics can get to the record set by Mark Pollard and his Metro 6R4 in 2010. Will it be the lightweight B-Series EG Civic or the more powerful K20-engined FD2 of James Procter that comes out on top?

PE2 - Burnett
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

James Procter 69 Club N/A Honda Civic Type R
Mark Burnett 28 Club N/A Honda Civic EG6

Club PRO

Knockhill Lap Record

53.401 – Mitsubishi Evo 8 – Robin Duxbury – 2009

Fresh from his class-winning debut, Phil Reed’s Evo will be in the exact same spec as it was at Rd.1.

PE2 - Reed
By comparison, Geordie Andy Grady’s Subaru Impreza has undergone a massive transformation including a rotated GTX35 Turbo and 6-speed dog ‘box. Let’s hope Jason Ogg has managed to fit his Samsonas gearbox in time for the party too.
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Philip Reed 66 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 6
Jason Ogg 10 Club Pro Subaru Impreza
Brad Sheehan 62 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 9 GT
Andrew Barbour 88 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 5
Russ Paton 14 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 6
Ronnie Amis 71 Club Pro VW Golf


Knockhill Lap Record

51.355 – Mitsubishi Evo 5 – Gareth Lloyd – 2010

Rd.1 victor Richard Marshall is choosing Knockhill as his dropped score. It’s a risk, as a mechnical failure at any following round could spell disaster for his Championship hopes. Metro 6R4 driver Mark Pollard will be hoping to take advantage, as will the ginger stig aka Simon Deaton. His Porsche has been back to Parker Racing for some tweaks, including new Avon slicks and a software update for his paddle-shift system, which should provide even faster gear-changes.

PE2 - PRO - Marshall & Deaton

Elsewhere, Walter Morris returns to battle in his Midlands Performance BNR32 GT-R, and we have a pair of One-Hit Wonders to look out for including Andy Demitriou, driving an Endurance racing-spec Porsche 964.
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Richard Marshall 5 Pro Mitsubishi Evo 9GT
Walter Morris 23 Pro Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R
Simon Deaton .00. Pro Porsche 997
Scott Robson 33 Pro Subaru Impreza

One-Hit Wonders:

Andy Demitriou 7 Pro OHW Porsche 964

Michael Mahoney 8 Pro OHW Mitsubishi Evo

Pro Extreme

Knockhill Lap Record


If Marcus Webster is to repeat his opening Round victory in his BNR32 GT-R Nissan Skyline, then he’s going to have to do it the hard way. Roger Clark Motorsport have sorted the issues with Gobstopper II, having completed their first ‘full power’ testing at Mallory Park earlier this week.

PE2 - Clark
Then there’s SVA Imports, debuting their all-new Evo 6 with Gareth Lloyd behind the wheel. Don’t rule out Granville Taylor either. On paper, his bespoke creation (an Impreza-powered, spaceframe VW Beetle silouhette) has the potential to set the timing sheets alight. This is one weekend to keep your eyes on Pro Extreme!
Driver Name Car No. Class Car

Marcus Webster 24 Pro Extreme Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R
Granville Taylor 208 Pro Extreme VW Beetle Prototype
Gareth Lloyd 106 Pro Extreme Mitsubishi Evo 6
Olly Clark 3 Pro Extreme Subaru Impreza

Don’t forget you can watch all the live timing here on Sunday from 0830hrs and follow updates on the Time Attack Facebook page.Get ready Knockhill, we’re coming!

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