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When it comes to the make, model, type and specification of car you can use, Time Attack is one of the most flexible and accessible championships there is.

With this eclectix mix of vehicles taking part, to ensure close competition throughout the field a series of carefully thought through classes make up the structure of the championship, each comprising a specific set of considerations regarding specification and performance.

To help you decide which class to enter and where your car will be most competitive, plus provide greater clarity as to eligibility, we have a produced a series of easy-to-read bulletins that clearly describe the basic requirements for each class. Click the name of the following classes to download a pdf:


Clubman & Clubman+
An entry-level category for mildly modified production and trackday cars. The class is split into Clubman and Clubman+ depending on potential lap times.

Pocket Rocket FI & NA
For smaller cars and hot hatches of 1600cc with forced induction, or up to 2240cc normally aspirated. Tuner modifications are allowed.

Club Sport
A class for lightweight, road and track orientated cars, such as Caterhams, Westfields, Ariel Atoms etc.

Classic & Retro
For cars based on models 25 or more years old, designed to appeal to drivers looking for a non-contact form of motorsport.

Club FWD, RWD & 4WD
Our most popular category for production cars tuned and modified up to a controlled level. The class is split into two categories: 2WD and 4WD.

Club Pro 2WD & 4WD
For modified cars running on Pirelli Trofeo R tyres for dry conditions and racing wets when it rains. Sequential gearboxes and additional aero mods are allowed over that of the Club Classes.

GT3 & Sportscar
A class specifically for Sports and GT cars that’s open to all categories, makes and models, homologated and non-homologated.

For Prototype and specialists sportscars that do not require type approval as a road car.

Pro 2WD & 4WD

For highly modified competition cars running on racing slicks and wets, split into 2WD and 4WD categories.

Pro Extreme 2WD & 4WD

The class where almost anything goes! Spaceframes and modified chassis are allowed, with a category for 2WD and 4WD cars.

Please note: Classes may be amalgamated or changed, depending on the number or type of cars entered.


For further information about eligibility and technical specifications, contact Championship Scrutineer Mike Mattison:

[email protected]

For further information about entering Time Attack, please contact us:

[email protected]

0203 915 9240

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