2013 Class Champions

NewsPosted on 1st October 2013

Time Attack 2013 Season Class Champions

Classes, Champions & Champagne at Brands Hatch

Pro Class – 2013 Champion Gavin Renshaw 2nd Gareth Lloyd 3rd Phil Glew

Pro 2WD – 2013 Champion Simon Deaton 2nd Brett Winstanley 3rd David Leigh

Club Pro – 2013 Champion Marc Kemp 2nd Andrew Barbour 3rd Brad Sheehan

Club Pro 2WD – 2013 Champion Mike Cantelo 2nd Bo Nielsen 3rd Charlie Butler Henderson

Club 4WD – 2013 Champion Lee Bullen 2nd Jason Ogg 3rd Gary Searl

Club RWD – 2013 Champion Ronnie Amis 2nd Umar Masood 3rd Darron Wall

Club FWD – 2013 Champion Marc Donnelly 2nd Will Watson 3rd Jonny Fletcher

Club N/A – 2013 Champion Neil Holden 2nd Neil Bamford 3rd James Procter

Huge thank you to all the teams and drivers that participated in the Championship in 2013, we look forward to seeing you in 2014.

For further information, please get in touch with Competition Secretary, Simon Slade:

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