Watch Live Timing

On the day of each event we will post a news feed on this website so you can catch the action direct as it happens. If you are a follower of our social feeds we will post and inform you when it goes live on race-day – by Twitter and Facebook.

The live timing function is also online and direct from the timing screens at the circuit, so you can watch it second-by-second whether at the event in person on your mobile, or from the comfort of your PC, laptop or tablet. This way, you can keep up with the action second-by-second, just like the teams in the pit lane! So don’t miss a moment of the cars speeding around the circuit. if you are planning to come to the track and watch it on person, be sure to follow the link and watch the same screen as the teams are watching in the pit lane!

The live timing is only in operation when the event is underway, so please check this website on race-day and follow the link in the main news feed.


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