Anglesey | Round 1 | Championship Podiums

NewsPosted on 20th April 2024

Anglesey – Round 1

Championship Podiums

Classic & Retro

1st Place: Andy York

2nd Place: Andy Gray

3rd Place: Radu Stan


1st Place: Dan Buckingham

2nd Place: Clive Hopwell

3rd Place: Martyn Cowley

Pocket Rocket

1st Place: Andrew Kime

2nd Place: Michael Hume

3rd Place: James Allen


Club 2WD

1st Place: Adam Blair

2nd Place: Jonny Fletcher

3rd Place: Luke Capehorn

Club 4WD

1st Place: Michael Osbourne

2nd Place: Richard O’Connell

3rd Place: Andy Grady

Club Pro

1st Place: Josh Barrett

2nd Place: Ben Robinson

3rd Place: Eric Holmes


1st Place: Colin Dorward

2nd Place: Chris Cherry

3rd Place: Simon Griffiths

Pro Extreme

1st Place: Rob Boston

Single Round Entries

Classic & Retro: Michael Greenhough

Clubman: Stuart Hyde


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