Anglesey Round 5 Fastest Times Pro Classes

NewsPosted on 8th August 2021

Anglesey Round 5 – Fastest Times

Club Pro and Pro Classes


Pro Extreme

9 Simon Norris – Norris Designs

Mitsubishi EVO

151 Colin Dorward – Track Forumla

Mitsubishi EVO

245 Paul Doyle – BC Racing

Subaru Impreza



BC Racing Pro 4WD

88 Andrew Barbour – AKB Racing

Mitsubishi EVO IX

100 Gary Hayward – AP Tuning

Mitsubishi EVO VII

127 John Bradley –

Mitsubishi EVO IX

17 Steve Reed – Uncle Steve Racing

Mitsubishi EVO VIII

68 Paul Wright – PW Racing 

Subaru Impreza P1


Club Pro 4WD

11 Chris Cherry – Cherry Racing

Mitsubishi EVO V

81 Ian Pitman

Subaru Impreza Type-R

57 Stuart Simms – G-R Performance

Mitsubishi EVO VI

3 Geoff Kershaw – Turbo Technics

Ford Focus

Club Pro 2WD

13 Darren Spooner – Spoox Motorsport 

Peugeot 205

333 Roman Grendel – Motor City Performance 

Audi S3

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