Brands Hatch Podiums : Round 6

NewsPosted on 9th November 2014

Podiums : Round 6 Brands Hatch


PRO Extreme

1st : Gareth Lloyd – SVA Imports Evo 6

2nd : Marcus Webster – Midlands Performance Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

3rd : Olly Clark – Roger Clark Motorsport Subaru Impreza

Pro Extreme1


1st : Ian Rowlance – Metro 6R4

2nd : Scott Robson – RA Motorsport Developments Subaru Impreza

3rd : Simon Deaton – HEL Performance Porsche GT3-R


Club PRO

1st : Jason Ogg – RA Motorsport Subaru Impreza

2nd : Brad Sheehan – M.A.Developments Mitsubishi Evo

3rd : Andrew Barbour – NR Autosport Mitsubishi Evo

Club Pro

Club 4WD Challenge

1st : Damien Bradley – Subaru Legacy

2nd : Jason Bird – Mitsubishi Evo

3rd : Dave Coe – Subaru Impreza

Club 4WD

Club RWD Challenge

1st : Kevin Jones – Noble M12 GTO-3R

2nd : Neil Clark – Mazda RX-7 FC3S

3rd : Umar Masood – Masda RX-7 FD3S

Club RWD

Club FWD Challenge

1st : Jonny Fletcher – Vauxhall Astra GSI

2nd : Daniel Clark – Vauxhall Astra VXR

3rd : Marc Donnelly – Ford Escort

Club FWD

Club NA Challenge

1st : Mark Burnett – Honda Civic EG6

2nd : James Procter – Honda Civic FD2

Club NA

Fastest One-Hit Wonders

PRO Extreme OHW : Martin Short – Rollcentre Racing Mosler 900R

Martin Short

PRO OHW : Steven Darley – Lateral Performance / SD Motorsport Subaru Impreza

Steven Darley

Club 4WD OHW : Adam Kindness – Subaru Impreza

Adam Kindness

Club FWD OHW : Robert Burkinshaw – Honda Civic DC5

Rob Burkinshaw

Club NA OHW : Dave Franks – Austin Mini

David Franks

How did these results affect the overall Championship standings? You can find out here

Stay tuned to as we update you with all the goings on from the final round of the 2014 UK Time Attack Championship – including the World debut of Night Time Attack!


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