Brands Hatch – Round 3 Podiums

NewsPosted on 24th June 2018

Brands Hatch – Round 3


Single Round Entries

Chris Bassett – Classic & Retro

Gareth Broadbent – Clubman

Simon Mann – Pocket Rocket

Ben Rushworth – Club 2WD

Richard Lowe – Club 4WD

Granville Taylor – Pro Extreme

Classic & Retro Winners

1st Place: Andy Alden

2nd Place: Andy York

Clubman Winners

1st Place: Matt Binstead

2nd Place: Ben Copson

3rd Place: Alexey Wood

Clubman+ Winners

1st Place: Ross Walker

2nd Place: Peter Hunt

Pocket Rocket Winners

1st Place: Steve Gray

2nd Place: Andrew Kime

Club 2WD Winners

1st Place: Michael Andrew

2nd Place: Robert Oldman

3rd Place: James Allen

Club 4WD Winners

1st Place: Matt Newing

2nd Place: Paul Wright

3rd Place: Gari Cottrill

Club Pro 2WD Winners

1st Place: Dalibor Kvasai

2nd Place: Simon Roberts

3rd Place: Darren Spooner

Club Pro 4WD Winners

1st Place: Jonny Roose

Pro Extreme Winners

1st Place: Phil Reed

2nd Place: Alex Bones

3rd Place: Kevin Jones

Best Presented car

Andrew Barbour (88), Mitsubishi Evo IX

Best Presented Team

Spoox Motorsport, with Darren Spooner (13), Andy York (81) and Chris Bassett (331)

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