Brands Hatch – Round 3 Results Club FWD & 4WD

NewsPosted on 20th June 2016

Brands Hatch –  Round 3

Quickest Times

Club FWD and 4WD

Club FWD

Darren Spooner (13) Peugeot 205

13 Darren Spooner copy


Single Round Entry Paul Waddington (55)

55 Paul Waddington copy


Joe Dawson (113) Ford Focus RS

113 Joe Dawson copy


Single Round Entry Mike Hamlett (98) Honda Civic

98 Mike Hamlett copy


Adrian Daniel (31) Vauxhall Astra Coupe

31 Adrian Daniel copy


Jonny Flectcher (64) Vauxhall Astra (time set in warm up)

64 Jonny Fletcher copy


Single Round Entry David Ward (997) Honda Civic EG

997 David Ward copy


Single Round Entry Andy Alden (32) Honda Civic EP3

45 Andy Alden copy


Neil Wrenn (29) Honda Civic

29 Neil Wrenn copy


Dean Crawford (93) Vauxhall Astra VXR

93 Dean Crawford copy


Josh Lowe (114) Ford Focus RS

114 Josh Lowe copy

Club 4WD

Josef Calleja (303) Subaru Impreza

303 Josef Calleja copy


Single Round Entry John Kane (52) Audi R8

52 John Kane copy


Dalibor Kvasai (96) Subaru Impreza

96 Dalibor Kvasai copy


Richard Lowe (111) Mitsubishi Evo IV

111 Richard Lowe copy


Leigh Jordan (54) Mitsubishi Evo V

54 Leigh Jordan copy


Matt Newing (112) Mitsubishi Evo VII

122 Matt Newing copy


Paul Wright (68) Subaru Impreza

68 Paul Wright copy


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