Brands Hatch – Round 3 Results Club Pro, Pro & Pro Extreme

NewsPosted on 20th June 2016

Brands Hatch – Round 3

Quickest Times

Club Pro, Pro and Pro Extreme

Club Pro

Single Round Entry Bob Dixon (300) Mitsubishi EVO VII

300 Bob Dixon copy


Andrew Barbour (88) Mitsubishi Evo IX

88 Andrew Barbour copy


Single Round Entry Andy Demetriou (7) Porsche 911

7 Andy Demetriou copy


Ollie Allen (117) Mitsubishi Evo VII

117 Ollie Allen copy


Pani Pastou (116) Mitsubishi Evo VI

116 Pani Pastou copy


Kevin Jones (12) Noble M12 RSR

13 Kevin Jones copy


Gary Furst (11) Mitsubishi EVO IX

11 Gary Furst copy


Russ Paton (14) Mitsubishi Evo VI

14 Russ Paton copy


Alan Shepherd (59) VW Golf

59 Alan Shepherd copy


Single Round Entry Damien Bradley (21) Subaru Legacy GL

21 Damien Bradley copy

Pro Extreme

Mitchell Sharp (15) Ford Escort RWD

15 Mitchell Sharp copy


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