Brands Hatch – Round 7 Championship Podiums

NewsPosted on 24th September 2023

Brands Hatch – Round 7

Championship Podiums

Classic & Retro

1st Place: Andy Gray

2nd Place: Eden Young

3rd Place: Phil Ackerley


1st Place: Clive Hopwell

2nd Place: Jonathan James

3rd Place: Mark Blackburn

Pocket Rocket N/A

1st Place: Michael Hume

2nd Place: Mervyn Beckett

3rd Place: Will Bonfield

Pocket Rocket FI

1st Place: David Ward

2nd Place: Connor Craven

3rd Place: Connor Alldritt

Club Sport

1st Place: Josh Barrett

Club 2WD

1st Place: Aaron Reeve

2nd Place: Jonny Fletcher

3rd Place: Christian Holmes

Club 4WD

1st Place: Michael Osborne

2nd Place: Dean Taylor

3rd Place: Andy Grady

Club Pro

1st Place: Ilya Krylov

2nd Place: Mike Taylor


1st Place: Luke Sedzikowski

2nd Place: Alfie Threlfall

Pro Extreme

1st Place: Simon Norris


1st Place: Jimmy Broadbent

Single Round Entries

Classic & Retro: Aaron Teager

Clubman: Peter Osbourne

Pocket Rocket NA: Adam Watt

Club Sport: Tim Morrison

Club 2WD: James Dover

Club 4WD: Richard O’Connell

Pro Extreme: Andy Forrest


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