Cadwell Park Round 1 Fastest Times Club 2WD & 4WD Classes

NewsPosted on 30th April 2023

Cadwell Park Round 1 – Fastest Times

Club 2WD and 4WD Classes

Club 2WD

450 Tom Walpole – Concrete Competition

Ariel Atom

245 Josh Barrett – Barrett Racing

Caterham 620R

64 Jonny Fletcher – Direnza

Vauxhall Astra GSi

344 Christian Holmes – SMC Racing

Renault Clio

119 Mike Taylor – Custom Production

Renault Clio

421 Andrew Fletcher – City Quick Logistics Racing

Renault Clio

677 Radu Stan – KeiMako

Mazda MX5


Club 4WD

71 Dean Taylor – Delano Built Racing

Mitsubishi EVO VII

213 Arturas Auksorius 

Subaru Impreza

93 Michael Osborne – Osborne Motorsport

Mitsubishi EVO  VI

671 Craig Cotton

Mitsubishi EVO  VI


555 Phil Archer – First Time Racing

MNR Vortex

540 Tom Edgecome

MK Indy RR


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