Car Safety Equipment In Store Now

NewsPosted on 8th December 2014

For 2015 we have more classes than ever and continuing our theme to make getting started in Time Attack as easy and pain-free as possible, we have introduced some basic safety items which meet the specific Time Attack class regulations for competition cars.

The different  getting started items are listed in our store and are keenly priced to ensure that no only can you buy the correct equipment but you also get it at a great price. They can be bought individually as you may require.

These items meet our regulations as applicable in each class however you are free to source them elsewhere and use them in Time Attack in accordance with our regulation specifications.

The items we have sourced at great prices are :

  • Battery isolators [ manual and electronic ]
  • Fire extinguishers [ handheld and plumbed in ]
  • Warning decals
  • Seat Belts [ 4 point and 5 point ]
  • Time Attack Cool Down Lap Light

To make an order simply visit our store here, add them to your basket and pay for them. Most items will be dispatched within 48hrs.

We also have a selection of personal safety equipment which meet our regulations for drivers including :

  • Race Suits
  • Racing Boots
  • Gloves
  • HANS devices

You can find details of those items using this link

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