Croft – Round 5 Results Club Pro, Pro & Pro Extreme

NewsPosted on 21st August 2016

Croft – Round 5

Quickest Times

Club Pro, Pro and Pro Extreme

Club Pro

Single Round Entry Marc Kemp (67) KTM Crossbow

67 Marc Kemp copy


Single Round Entry Phil Reed (33) was consistently fastest in his Mitsubishi Evo VI

Last Year’s Lap Time:1:26.088

33 Philip Reed copy


Ollie Allen (117) Mitsubishi Evo VII

117 Olly Allen copy


Kevin Jones (12) Noble M12 RSR

Last Year’s Lap Time: 1:28.072

12 Kevin Jones copy


Pani Pastou (116) Mitsubishi Evo VI

116 Pani Pastou copy


Russ Paton (14) Mitsubishi Evo VI

Last Year’s Lap Time: 1:33.115

14 Russ Paton copy

Pro Extreme

Gareth Lloyd (106) Mitsubishi Evo VI

New Lap Record!

106 Gareth Lloyd copy


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