Croft – Round 6 Results Club Pro 2WD, Pro and Pro Extreme

NewsPosted on 2nd September 2017

Croft – Round 6 – Quickest Times

Club Pro 2WD, Pro and Pro Extreme

Club Pro 2WD

Single Round Entry Marc Kemp (6) KTM X-Bow
Lap time last year – 1:29.542
New lap record!

Dalibor Kvasai (96) Vauxhall Astra VX220

Simon Roberts (20) Noble M12 RSR

Darren Spooner (13) Peugeot 205
Lap time last year – 1:34.178



Kevin Jones (12) Noble M12 RSR
Lap time last year – 1:25.569

Russ Paton (14) Mitsubishi Evo 6
Lap time last year – 1:32.052

Pro Extreme

Single Round Entry Guy Martin (888) Pace Ward Insurance Evo

Andy Hughes (59) Subaru Impreza

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