Current Lap Records For Road Cars in Time Attack

NewsPosted on 9th March 2016

In Time Attack we have Clubman and Clubman Plus classes which are reserved for cars which are either completely standard from the factory or very slightly tuned, maybe an airfilter, ecu or some basic track suspension for example.

As this class only began in 2015, we have assembled a table to chart the quickest lap times recorded by  these road going cars during Time Attack events in order to track the progress of the road car class.

If you feel that you can better these times with your standard road car then why not come along for one round and see if you can beat them under Time Attack conditions.

What is always evident is that if you enter a trackday or any other form of non competition and record a great lap, that may be helpful however in order to claim that you can beat a Time Attack lap record with a road going car, you must record that time within an official event and on the same competition terms as everyone else or your time is meaningless as it will not take into account variables such as competitive traffic, Time Attack spec controls, tyres and so on.

So if you check the times below and you feel you could do better, why not get in touch and come and try. You can enter for just one round or the entire Championship. Simon Slade will be happy to guide you through what you need to compete [ which is very minimal for this class ] and we’ll get you out on track.

You can contact Simon using these details here

Time Attack Lap Records for Road Going Cars [ Clubman and Clubman Plus Classes Only ]


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