Fastest Times of the Day : Oulton Park (Clubman/Pocket Rocket/C&R Club)

NewsPosted on 12th July 2015

Fastest Times of the Day at Oulton Park Island in Clubman, Clubman+, Pocket Rocket and Classic & Retro Club

S.R.E = Single Round Entry, not eligible for Championship Points



Inaugural Clubman+ Lap Record!

Jonny Roose : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

Jonny Roose

Mark Flook : Nissan GT-R

Mark Flook

[S.R.E] Karl Wilson : Noble M12

Karl Wilson

Alan Shepherd : Ford Focus RS

Alan Shepherd

[S.R.E] Mark McManus : Seat Ibiza

Mark McManus

Leigh Jordan : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V

Leigh Jordan


Inaugural Clubman Lap Record!

Ollie Novell : Toyota Corolla T-Sport

Ollie Novell

[S.R.E] Chris Atkins : Renault Clio

Chris Atkins

Jon Ellis : Mini Cooper S

Jon Ellis

Pocket Rocket

Inaugural Pocket Rocket Lap Record!

Stewart Summers : Citroen Saxo

Stewart Summers

Richard O’Dwyer : Mini Cooper S

Richard ODwyer

Tim Kite : Mini Cooper S

Tim Kite

Robert Oldman : Ford Fiesta ST

Robert Oldman

[S.R.E] Carl Owen : Ford Fiesta ST

Carl Owen

Adam Barnett : Mazda MX-5

Adam Barnett

Sam Weller : Peugeot 106

Sam Weller

Ali Arshid : Suzuki Swift

Ali Arshid

Classic & Retro Club

Inaugural Classic & Retro Club Lap Record!

Jeff Whitbrook : Charade GTI

Jeff Whitbrook

Alan Tolley : Ford Sierra XR4x4

Alan Tolley


It’s not racing.. It’s TIME ATTACK!



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