Fastest Times of the Day : Rockingham Rd.6 (Club)

NewsPosted on 21st September 2015

Club 4WD

Inaugural Club 4WD Lap Record!

Simon Griffiths : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IIISimon Griffiths copy

Josef Calleja : Subaru ImprezaJosef Calleja copy

Mark Flook (Single Round Entry) : Nissan GT-RMark Flook copy

Club RWD

Inaugural Club RWD Lap Record!

Simon Roberts : Noble M12 GTO3image Anthony Woo : Nissan 200SXAnthony Woo copy

Umar Masood : Mazda RX-7Umar Masood copy

James Pinkerton : Mazda RX-7James Pinkerton copy

James Procter : Nissan 350ZJames Proctor copy

Club FWD

Inaugural Lap Record!

Neil Wrenn : Honda CivicNeil Wrenn copy

Martyn Henry : Vauxhall AstraMsrtyn Henry copy

Darren Spooner : Peugeot 205Darren Spooner copy

Paul Waddington : Honda CivicPaul Waddington copy

Marc Donnelly : Ford EscortMarc Donnelly copy

Adrian Daniel : Vauxhall AstraAdrian Daniel copy

Jonathan Morris : Ford Focus ST170Jonathan Morris copy

Andy York (Single Round Entry) : Peugeot 205Andy York copy

Dan Lewis : Renault MeganeDan Lewis copy

Jeff Alden : Vauxhall AstraJeff Alden copy

Antonio Giovinazzo : Alfa Romeo 155Antonio Giovinazzo copy


It’s not racing.. it’s TIME ATTACK!



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