If you think you know Time Attack…think again!

Did you know UK Time Attack is the most successful championship of it’s kind in the world? Here’s why…

  • 80 minutes of competitive track-time per round*
  • Full-season entries from £2550 (no hidden costs)
  • Single round entries from £310 per-round
  • No control tyres
  • Eight rounds
  • Seven event weekends
  • Six great circuits
  • Six supporting car shows
  • 1000s of spectators
  • 10 classes to ensure close competition
  • All car makes and models accepted
  • Trophies for top 3 in championship and single round class winners
  • Four free passes per competitor
  • Friendly paddock
  • Pit garages
  • Non-contact motorsport
  • Professional organisation
  • Incomparable value-for-money
  • Great day out for friends and family


Originating in Japan during the fast and furious ‘80s, Time Attack has been around for decades.  Introduced in the UK in 2006, it’s since welcomed 1000s of competitors and attracted bigger audiences and more followers than any other national championship there is. That’s why the UK championship now represents the biggest Time Attack package in the world!

That said, to some it’s still a relatively unknown form of motorsport. So let’s see if we can fix that.

Quite simply, Time Attack is all about the lap time. Each round comprises four sessions of up to 20 minutes: Warm-up, Practice, Qualifying and Final. The fastest driver in each class in the Final session declared the winner.

2024 represents the championship’s 19th consecutive season. It features eight rounds across seven event weekends at six different venues. It shares its programme with the burgeoning Racing Hondas Championship and the spectacular Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship. And because each of the events held at an MSV operated circuit incorporates a huge and colourful car show, competitors perform in front of 1000s of spectators.

So, if you’re a racer that’s fed up with other people causing high repair bills; a hill climb or sprint driver who wants to compete for more than just a few minutes; a track day regular who wants to enter the competitive arena; a; or you’re new to motorsport and want to be part of something that breaks the traditional motorsport mould, then Time Attack is the place to be.

And for drivers who have never competed before, Time Attack is easy to enter and offers the perfect entry point for those getting started in motorsport. From then on, it allows drivers to progress through the ranks as they become more experienced and the performance of their car increases.

Time Attack’s wide range of carefully defined classes means that a car can be eligible and competitive with just a few basic modifications, whilst at the other end of the scale it allows constructors to produce some of the most extreme examples of race-cars on the planet. Added to this is the championship’s high profile status, professional organising team and an enjoyable social side that generates great camaraderie between teams and drivers.

So, what are you waiting for? To enter and find out more, get in touch.



*Subject to timetable

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