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NewsPosted on 22nd April 2016

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Round 1: Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park


Time attack is back for it’s 11th year and countdown has begun with not long to go until the start of the new season, commencing with round 1 at Cadwell Park.

This season we’re excited to welcome many new competitors, and very pleased to see the return of familiar faces who continue on their quest for the quickest time in their class and car marque.

Although in some classes it will be a slow start to the season due to some cars not being ready in time, the competition for the quickest time will be as fierce as ever through the classes.

We also can’t wait to see the brand new Volkswagen Golf R out on track we featured in this story.

Also in the mix this year is the season long car entry of Project CARS – the racing SIM/Game. So if you are a fan of Project CARS, be sure to stop by and see the car, Airtec and the driver, David Bramhall and have your say on their next game!

It has been 7 months since the last round of Time Attack, and since then everyone has been striving hard to get their cars ready for this year.   Competition is high, so what new lap records are we going to see for round 1!?

The driver and team entry list for Cadwell Park is below:


Here is the confirmed timings for the event, be sure to keep in touch with our commentary as our session timings can alter depending on the track-action and we’ll be sure to let you know when they do.


Event proceedings begin at 9am and there’s plenty to see!

From road cars to highly tuned performance cars, not only will you see them thundering round the circuit, but you can also wander through the pits, see the cars close up and watch the teams preparing for their next session in this all-access event!

The excitement doesn’t stop there, there’s also F1 cars, British Superbikes and Drifting demonstrations to watch too, plus of course the Modified Live Show with hundreds of cars on display, so make sure you have a good look around and see everything and make the most of the event with us. The website for the show can be found here :

During this event we will have our live timing service running, where you can keep up to date with all the cars and times during the event on your mobile, tablet or PC, whether at the track or at home.  You can also tune in to Time Attack Radio, where you can listen to the live commentary feed from the track, interviews and gossip, as well as watching the live times.

We will share the links to these functions on the morning of the event so please check back on Sunday morning to see the links to both live functions.

If you need to consider your plans, how to get there and what facilities are at the venue, please see the information on the Cadwell Park site here

We look forward to seeing you soon for the start of the 2016 Time Attack season!

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