MSA Spec Isolator / Fire / Tow Decal Sheets In Shop

NewsPosted on 3rd December 2014

We are pleased to release a specific Time Attack decal sheet for all competition cars that have battery isolators, fire systems and tow eyes installed.

Sheet size 200mm x 200mm, 5 year grade vinyl printed with pre-cut symbols for application to all racing and Time Attack cars.

The symbols included are to MSA blue book specification, suitable for MSA scrutineering level.

It includes :

  • Fire ‘ E ‘ – small for inside car, large for outside car
  • Electrical Isolator – small for inside car, large for outside car
  • 3 sets of ON and OFF individual stickers for ignition etc
  • 2 x Red marker arrows to denote towing point front and rear
  • 2 x white ‘ TOW stickers
  • 2x black ‘ TOW stickers
  • 2x Time Attack white small decals
  • 1x  Time Attack white large decal

This decals sheet is required for all Time Attack cars where battery isolators and fire extinguishers are in use.

Posted in card-backed envelope to prevent creasing and is priced £4.99.

Available in our store using this link

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