New GT3 / Sports Car Class for 2019

NewsPosted on 1st January 2019

Time Attack announces brand new category for GT3s and Sports Cars


In response to recent enquiries and a developing trend amongst competitors, organisers of the MSA Time Attack Championship are excited to announce that a brand new category for GT3 and Sports cars will be included in its line up of classes from 2019.

This new category will be open to all Sports/GT cars, whether or not they are within their current period of homologation. Therefore, championship organisers have confirmed they will welcome older models that have exceeded their date for participation in events that are only open to current FIA specification vehicles.

In addition to GT3, other denominations of Sports and GT cars will be accepted. These include GT1, GT2, GT4, GTE and other models from Europe, Asia and the USA.

The GT’s will run alongside vehicles currently competing within the existing Time Attack Pro Classes.

This means cars will only need comply with MSA construction and safety regulations, with no other modifications or requirements having to be carried out. Drivers will need to hold a Race National B (or higher status) competition licence.

The Championship is also pleased to confirm that it will continue its association with Pirelli for a further three years. Having supplied controlled tyres to the Championship since 2016, the company has developed a range of applications that work perfectly for this unique motorsport discipline, as Pirelli UK Motorsport Manager Jonathan Wells explains:

We have recently introduced a range of super-soft competition tyres that have shown to deliver outstanding performance in sprints, hill climbs and Time Attack events. For us, the introduction of this new class is perfect timing, as we have just extended our super-soft range for GT3 and other sports car applications, which would usually run out our harder compound tyres. We are therefore very pleased to extend our association with the championship and wish organisers the best of luck with this innovative new class.”

Another new feature in 2019 that organisers believe will appeal to GT drivers is the introduction of Night Time Attack, an additional event at the end of the season that will see competition continue into the darkness hours. Taking place at Snetterton in November 2019.

Time Attack owner Andy Barnes is excited about the prospect of seeing GT cars competing in the championship:

Time Attack’s philosophy is one of continual development as well as a passion to make the championship accessible on all levels. We’re therefore delighted to provide a new and exciting opportunity for GT3 and Sports Cars – whatever their age or specification – in a highly competitive environment that comes without the stresses, strains and costs of traditional GT racing.’

He added: This is an attractive proposition for GT teams seeking to hone qualifying performance in their drivers given our sport is about setting the quickest lap possible or indeed car owners that wish to keep the wheels turning on their GT cars and enjoy them for what they are, making this opportunity very inviting.’

Details about the new GT3 and Sports Car class, regulations and further information about MSA Time Attack Championship are available from Championship Coordinator:

Simon Slade: [email protected] / 01935 424873

The provisional 2019 calendar of events can be found here

The competitors area including current regulations and information can be found here


About MSA Time Attack Championship

Time Attack defines the art of registering the quickest lap-time.  Originating in Japan and introduced to Britain in 2006, the UK Championship has become the largest and most professional series of its kind in the world.

It attracts drivers and teams from all corners of the British Isles, as well as many from overseas, assembling an eclectic mix of cars that readily relate to those owned by many of the 1,000s of spectators and on-line supporters who follow the action.

Organisers work hard to ensure that every Time Attack round is a weekend to remember, with many of the rounds supported by spectacular and well-attended car shows, which means there are plenty of spectators watching the action.

Time Attack is held at the UK’s leading tracks and is organised to the same level (or beyond) of organisation as top-level circuit race championships.  Over an hour of track time per round is on offer, with four sessions during the day comprising Warm up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final. Results are calculated from the lap times set in the Final session.

Competitors who register for the full season will score championship points. Single round entries are also accepted.

The provisional 2019 calendar of events can be found here

The competitors area including current regulations and information can be found here

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