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NewsPosted on 2nd April 2014


The Performance Insurance Specialists

We are pleased to announce that the guys at Pace Ward are supporting the Time Attack Championship this year and so we asked them to provide us with a quick introduction to say who they are and how they can help you, your car and your business this year.

Mr Al Ward takes over…

Pace Ward Limited are an Independent Insurance Broker offering a full range of insurance and corporate risk management solutions, we have been established for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer satisfaction, quality of service and competitive prices.

We provide solutions for a range of insurance needs such as prestige & performance cars, mid and high net worth household and commercial insurance such as motor trade, liability covers and business property insurance.

Our specialist prestige & performance insurance policies are tailored to meet the needs of the performance car enthusiast. We can cover modified vehicles, and offer like for like cover on all modifications. We continually review our policies to make sure they are competitive and offer wider cover than our competition.


We also provide a number of specialist household policies from standard scheme rated home insurance to the widest High Net Worth contracts where policies are tailored to individual client needs with the benefit of being warranty free.

Following our sponsorship of the Time Attack Championship we have launched a motor trade policy that covers all aspects of vehicle tuning again with underwriters who know these clients and the vehicles they work on.  So if you are involved in this industry we may have exactly what you are looking for to protect your assets and customers vehicles.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best customer service, along with competitive pricing and excellent insurance cover.  Call us now on 01782 286311 and talk directly to one of our insurance advisers or visit our website for more information.


You can find Pace Ward on Facebook at

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