Oulton Park – Round 1 Championship Podiums

NewsPosted on 11th July 2020

Outlon Park – Round 1

Championship Podiums

Pocket Rocket  N/A Winners

1st Place: Daniel Colquitt (Lap Record)

Pocket Rocket  FI Winners

1st Place: Neil Greenland (Lap Record)

2nd Place: David Lawrence

Club 2WD Winners

1st Place: Luke Sedzikowski

2nd Place: Chris Williams

3rd Place: Jonny Fletcher

Club 4WD Winners

1st Place: Stuart Simms

2nd Place: Arturas Auksorius

Club Pro Winners

1st Place: Bren Simpson

2nd Place: Mick Porter

GT3, Sportscar & Prototype Winners

1st Place: Steve Henson

2nd Place:  Scott Carruthers

Pro Extreme 4WD Winners

1st Place: Bruce Winfield

2nd Place: Damien Bradley

Single Round Entries

Pocket Rocket FI – Phil Neil

Pocket Rocket N/A – Alex Howe

Club 2WD –  Ramunas Cepulis

Club 4WD – Tom Jewell

Club Pro – Matt Newing

GT3, Sportscar & Prototype – Mike Jenvey (Lap Record)

Pro 2WD – Marc Kemp

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