Oulton Park – Round 4 Results Retro, Clubman & Pocket Rocket

NewsPosted on 9th July 2016

Oulton Park – Round 4

Quickest Times

Classic & Retro, Clubman,

Clubman+ and Pocket Rocket

Classic & Retro

Jeff Alden (19) in his Vauxhall Astra beat a previous lap record of 1:43.661

(Last Year’s Lap Time: 1:43.874)

New Lap Record!

19 Jeff Alden copy

Andy York (81) Peugeot 205

81 Andy York copy

Paul Finney (90) Ford Fiesta XR2

90 Paul Finney copy

Single Round Entry Ronnie Haines (28) driving his Ford Escort Mk1

28 Ronnie Haines copy

Chris Read (25) BMW 325i

25 Chris read copy


Jordan Carr (69) smashed the previous lap record of 1:46.585 in his Honda Civic Type R

New Lap Record!

69 Jordan Carr copy

Chris Atkins (385) Renault Clio

385 Chris Atkins copy

Peter Hewson (115) Mazda RX8

115 Peter Hewson copy



Mark Flook (800) beat the previous lap record of 1:35.505 in his Nissan GTR R35

(Last Year’s Lap Time: 1:36.158)

New Lap Record!

800 Mark Flook copy

Alex Bones (40) Mitsubishi Evo V

40 Alex Bones copy

Pocket Rocket

Stewart Summers (79) Citroen Saxo

79 Stewart Summers copy

Ben Collins (1) Special guest and former stig driving the Project car Ford Fiesta ST

1 Ben Collins copy

Robert Oldman (10) Ford Fiesta ST

10 Robert Oldman copy

Single Round Entry Marten Bonner (66) driving his Abarth 500

66 Marten Bonner copy

Warren Greeland (97) Vauxhall Corsa

97 Warren Greenland copy

Andrew Kime (45) Citroen Saxo

45 Andrew Kime copy

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