Pembrey (Clubman Circuit) – Round 5 Club Pro 2WD/4WD and Pro Extreme

NewsPosted on 18th August 2018

Pembrey (Clubman Circuit)- Round 5 – Quickest Times

Club Pro 2WD, Club Pro 4WD and Pro Extreme

Club Pro 2WD

Dalibor Kvasai (96) Vauxhall VX220

Darren Spooner (13) Peugeot 205

Aaron Bunning (555) Mazda MX5

Pro Extreme

Alex Bones (40) Mitsubishi Evo III RS

Kevin Jones (12) Noble M12 RSR

Andrew Barbour (88) Mitsubishi Evo IX

Neil Wrenn (29) Honda Civic

Russ Paton (14) Mitsubishi Evo VI

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