Round 1 Preview : Silverstone

NewsPosted on 4th April 2014

We are just hours away from the opening round of the 2014 Time Attack Championship!

The world-famous 1.64-mile Silverstone National circuit is the venue for our opening party, but who will be celebrating when the chequered flag drops?

Let’s have a look at the Lap Records and last year’s winning lap times, to get an idea of what the Time Attack Championship Class of 2014 should be aiming to beat. 


TA Club Challenge [ NA, FWD, RWD, 4WD]

Entry level / progressive category, open modifications/power
MSA driver licence level required : National B Non Race Speed Licence [ Join and pay on the day – no ARDS test ]
Tyres : Any brand – MSA Blue Book 1B list

Lap Records:

Club NA –  1:04.256 -TVR Tuscan – Jeff Milham – 2008

Club FWD – 1:08.242 – Fiat Coupe – Marco Haig – 2009

Club RWD – 1:03.433 – Toyota Supra JZA80 – Paul Whiffin – 2009

Club 4WD – 1:01.689 – Subaru Impreza – Kev Horsley – 2008

 2013 Winning Times:  N/A

It’s been a while since the Club Challenge has been to Silverstone National. They missed out last year when the Pros visited a very wet Silverstone, with Club Challenge drivers visiting Donington Park instead.  So this year we could see all new Club Challenge records, especially with the strength of this year’s Club Challenge classes. In particular, Marco Haig’s Club FWD record is at risk – 2013 Champion Marc Donnelly returns in his rapid Focus RS-powered Mk3 Ford Escort, and this time he has eleven rivals for the crown.

Also look out for Damien Bradley’s freshly wide-bodied Subaru Legacy in 4WD, and a trio of RX-7s that includes last year’s RWD Champion Umar Masood in his fire-breathing FD3S, up against newcomer Kevin Jones in his rare Noble M12 GTO3!

Driver Name                       Comp No.             Class                              Car

Damien Bradley 22 Club 4WD Subaru Legacy
Jason Bird 400 Club 4WD Mitsubishi Evo 5
Eric Holmes 79 Club 4WD Mitsubishi Evo
Mathew Webster 83 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Mark Flook 800 Club 4WD Mitsubishi GTO
Andy Grady 43 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Dave Coe 80 Club 4WD Subaru Impreza
Jeff Alden 19 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Neil Wrenn 29 Club FWD Honda Civic
Antonio Giovinazzo 27 Club FWD Alfa Romeo 155
Jonny Fletcher 64 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Marc Donnelly 76 Club FWD Ford Escort
Adrian Daniel 31 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra Coupe
Matthew Straker 30 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Daniel Clark 92 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Stewart Summers 97 Club FWD Citroen Saxo
Darren Spooner 13 Club FWD Peugeot 205
Will Watson 35 Club FWD Vauxhall Astra
Adam Jones 25 Club FWD Honda Civic Type-R
James Procter 69 Club N/A Honda Civic Type R
Mark Burnett 28 Club N/A Honda Civic EG6
Kai Barker 86 Club N/A – OHW Ford Fiesta ST
Kevin Jones 58 Club RWD Noble M12 GTO3
Darren Johnson 46 Club RWD – OHW KTM Xbow
Umar Masood 48 Club RWD Maxda RX7
Neil Clark 55 Club RWD Maxda RX7
Lorence Charter 44 Club RWD Maxda RX7


TA Club Pro [ 2WD, 4WD ]
Serious modifications/power and low lap-times
MSA driver licence level required : National B Race or above [ ARDS test required ]
Tyres : Any brand – MSA Blue Book 1B list

Lap Records

Club Pro 2WD – 1:11.171 – Astra VXR – Bo Nielsen – 2013

Club Pro 4WD – 1:01.095 – Mitsubishi Evo 8 – Robin Duxbury – 2009

2013 Winning Times

Club Pro 2WD – 1:11.171 – Astra VXR – Bo Nielsen (wet)

Club Pro 4WD – 1:09.187 – Mistubishi Evo 9 GT – Brad Sheehan (wet)

Club Pro has a very different look this year. Four Evos dominate the class, with Jason Ogg’s “Hulk” the only other 4WD entrant. However, the Hulk does have a new trick up it’s sleeve in the form a new Samsonas sequential gearbox. Ronnie Amis has got out of the drivers-seat of his Sierra Cosworth and into a former BTCC VW Golf! It will be interesting to see how Ronnie’s lap times in the 2WD Golf compare to his 4WD class mates. We’re also looking forward to seeing the rivalry of Brad Sheehan and Andrew Barbour once more, and the pair are joined by newcomer Philip Reed with the backing of Ross Sport. Finally, it’s a big “welcome back'” to Russ Paton. He and his car have been rebuilt over the winter, following a big off at Brands Hatch last year.

Driver Name                       Comp No.             Class                              Car

Philip Reed 66 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 6
Jason Ogg 10 Club Pro Subaru Impreza
Brad Sheehan 62 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 9 GT
Andrew Barbour 88 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 5
Russ Paton 14 Club Pro Mitsubishi Evo 6
Ronnie Amis 71 Club Pro VW Golf


TA Pro
Superior modifications / power / aero– quicker lap-times than Club Pro
MSA driver licence level required : National B Race or above [ ARDS test required ]
Tyres : Any brand – Slick Racing Tyres

Lap Record

Pro – 57.989 – Subaru Impreza – Olly Clark – 2009

2013 Winning Time

Pro – 1:03.180 – Mitsubishi Evo 6 – Gareth Lloyd (wet)

A compact but varied field in Pro for 2014. From the Evo 9 that Rich Marshall has been working on all winter, to the former Group-B monster that is Mark Pollard’s Metro 6R4 and Scott Robson’s Subaru Impreza. Look out for 2013 Pro 2WD Champion Simon Deaton’s new livery on his Porsche too. Always pink.

Driver Name                       Comp No.             Class                              Car

Richard Marshall 5 Pro Mitsubishi Evo 9GT
Mark Pollard 41 Pro MG Metro 6R4
Simon Deaton .00. Pro Porsche 997
Scott Robson 33 Pro Subaru Impreza


TA Pro Extreme [ all drive lines ]
Extreme modifications / power / aero – the quickest and fastest cars
MSA driver licence level required : National B Race or above [ ARDS test required ]
Tyres : Any brand – Slick Racing Tyres

No Lap Record or 2013 Winning Time

New for 2014 is the Pro Extreme class. The fewest restrictions of any class and the most extreme machines. Expect the quickest times we’ve ever seen in Time Attack!

Driver Name                       Comp No.             Class                              Car

Marcus Webster 24 Pro Extreme Nissan Skyline
Granville Taylor 208 Pro Extreme VW Beetle
Andy Forest 6 Pro Extreme – OHW Subaru Impreza
Simon Norris 9 Pro Extreme Mitsubishi Evo
Olly Clark 3 Pro Extreme Subaru Impreza


Silverstone National Circuit – Sunday 6th April

See you all there!



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