Registration for 2014 Now Open

NewsPosted on 16th February 2014

Entries now open for all cars, drivers and classes

Submit your entry for the 2014 season

We are now accepting entries for Time Attack in 2014.

Entries can consist of a whole season entry or selected one off events -One Hit Wonder.

Quick reference points:

All entry enquiries are handled by Simon Slade, our Championship Coordinator including:

  • How to get started in Time Attack
  • What specification the car needs to be for each class [ from street to full pro builds ]
  • How much it costs to enter
  • Requesting your entry form
  • Submitting your entry
  • Copies of the current rules and regulations
  • How to pay for your entry

Simon can be contacted by email HERE

Full Season Entry

Only full season entrants are eligible for Championship point scoring in any class and discounted rate full Championship entries close on 15th March 2014. After this time you can enter the full Championship until 4th April [ day before Round 1 ] although there is an increase in the Championship rates for the season.

One Hit Wonder Entries  [ OHW ]

If you would like to sample Time Attack and enter for a round or two to see how you get on and to evaluate a full time entry then our OHW system is for you. You can enter any class or Round to a maximum of 4 Rounds in a year on a round by round basis however there are no points allocated to you and no official records recorded should you be classified as OHW. The concept of OHW is to come along, get involved, see where you and your car are at, have fun and consider entry full time – No points are allocated or any high profile promotion to deter trophy hunting or disturbing the Championship points table for the full time season-long teams, ensuring it gives you the best opportunity to see what Time Attack is all about and get involved.

Spot entries for OHW in any class is open all year.

Regardless of class or full/partial season entry, classing for your vehicle will be determined by the Time Attack officials, both sporting and technical. Classification is based on our rules, car modification, driver experience and overall safety, power and aero performance of the car. Our safety rules are based on the MSA Blue Book where applicable and we also have a dedicated Chief Scrutineer that can help and advise on builds, spec and potential eligibility issues.

Time Attack is for everyone, from a road car with very basic equipment [ no cage ] to a full blown special build – we have a class for everyone and everyone is welcome. Cars are NOT required to be road legal and you don’t need thousands to enter and get involved.

Please use our contact us page to fire any relevant questions at our team so we can help you get started.

If you wish to enter – just get in touch with Simon Slade and we’ll get you started!

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