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NewsPosted on 3rd April 2014

The 2014 season offers all teams and drivers an open tyre choice in each class which means they can choose between which tyre model and brand they wish to use in accordance with our rules and regulations.

As a result of the open tyres, we have nominated the guys at Service and Sport as our paddock tyre service provider and they will be attending each round to service each of the teams tyre requirements as they wish, whether to buy tyres from Service and Sport on the day or provide support and installation of spare tyres.

A brief summary of the service Jerry Freeman and his team at Service and Sport will be offering to teams this year:

  • Attendance with a tyre changing truck, located in the Time Attack paddock
  • Facilities to fit, strip and balance all tyres and brands
  • Tyre set up and all tyre running advice
  • On site supply of the following tyre brands: Federal FZ201 and RSR, DMACK Trackday, Silverstone and Dunlop
  • The supply of Yokohama and Toyo can be arranged by pre-ordering prior to the each event.
  • Tyre fitting is free on the first fit of new tyres supplied by S&S which can be a saving of around £100 per set over mail order, delivery and fitting off-site.

Contact Information for pre-ordering your tyres or requesting pricing from Jerry Freeman @ Service & Sport:-

Tel: 01942 218498

Mobile :07789 392080

Email : [email protected]

Note to teams: It is not compulsory within the Championship to purchase tyres or to use Service & Sport for your tyre needs although clearly the more support the teams give Jerry and his team, the more support and help they can give to each of the teams when they need it most.

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