Time Attack introduces brand new, no-nonsense, ‘Run what you Brung’ category for 2019

Organisers of the MSA Time Attack Championship are pleased to announce the addition of a brand new entry level for 2019; the ‘Run What You Brung’ Time Attack.

As its name suggests, this new category is designed to further increase the appeal and accessibility of the Championship, with this innovative addition open to all types of car: from standard road-going examples, right up to highly tuned competition machines on a non-Championship basis.

The most significant aspect of RWYB TA will be its no-nonsense approach to entry, with only a minimal amount of equipment required. For the car, it’s a four-point harness and a hand-held fire extinguisher, whilst for the driver it’s an approved helmet, race suit, boots and gloves. And that’s it!

Further easing the route to entry will be the opportunity to hire these items on a round-by round basis and thereby avoid the need for significant investment in order to get onto the track. Consequently, costs can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Entry for the RWYB category will be just £200 per round (including VAT) and includes the cost of joining Club Time Attack (£50), the provision of an MSA non-race National B competition licence (£45) and the hire of a transponder (£15), if drivers do not already hold these items*. Any hire of personal safety equipment will be extra. *See notes at footer.

The RWYB Time Attack sessions will be integrated into each of next year’s Time Attack Championship events. They will feature four timed 15-minute sessions held during the course of the day to provide drivers with an hour of competitive track time and run under MSA Time Attack permits.

Unlike competitors running in the main Championship, RWYB drivers will not need to purchase or fit the controlled Pirelli tyres and, whilst having their own specific set of time sheets from each session, they will not be eligible for any awards nor notable comparison to Championship contenders given the rules are different. There will also be no demarcation between the type and specification of the cars and therefore, all RWYB drivers will run together in the same sessions.

Championship owner Andy Barnes is passionate about providing drivers an opportunity to get on track as easily as possible: “We have introduced RWYB Time Attack as our new entry level into Time Attack to remove the need for the majority of expense which is required to run in the actual Championship. The result is those who want to get on our ladder and aim towards the prestige of the Championship, can do so with absolute ease. It’s a very simple strategy for us.

 “In October at Rockingham we ran a test class which run under our invitation guise which was a huge success, leading to the formal roll out as RWYB for 2019. To be clear, RYWB will be exactly that, you enter, arrive, drive, get timed and go home. I would liken it to a trackday with timing in terms of format, unlike the actual Championship which is more complex, challenging and prestigious. RWYB is to welcome new people and have them experience the thrill of driving under Time Attack conditions and ultimately watch them progress into the Championship at a later date.”

Andy continues: “Time Attack has never been this accessible.. We only have space for around 35 RYWB drivers at each event and would encourage those interested to move quickly and buy up the spots before they sell out.  Furthermore, this format was already privately announced and known to our existing Championship teams who have welcomed the initiative to encourage even more competition in the paddock – everyone is onboard to make it a success and I thank everyone involved for getting behind this historic move

To buy your RWYB entry on a per round basis, the shop is live and ready now, click here

Provisional event calendar is HERE

Further details of basics required is HERE

Details of the new RWYB format and further information about Time Attack are available from Championship coordinator Simon Slade: [email protected] / 01935 424873

*Payment for entry includes these items for new competitors. Any competitor that already has TA membership, a transponder or MSA licence will not receive a discount from the entry, the full price remains payable. Upon application, if you require the hire of safety equipment, please get in touch with Simon. We will be assessing the need to supply such equipment as and when enquiries come in.

About the MSA Time Attack Championship

Time Attack defines the art of registering the quickest lap-time.  Originating in Japan and introduced to Britain in 2006, the UK Championship has become the largest and most professional series of its kind in the world.

It attracts drivers and teams from all corners of the British Isles, as well as many from overseas, assembling an eclectic mix of cars that readily relate to those owned by many of the 1,000s of spectators and on-line supporters who follow the action.

Organisers work hard to ensure that every Time Attack round is a weekend to remember, with many of the rounds supported by spectacular and well-attended car shows, which means there are plenty of spectators watching the action.

Time Attack is held at the UK’s leading tracks and is organised to the same level (or beyond) of organisation as top-level circuit race championships.  Over an hour of track time per round is on offer, with four sessions during the day comprising Warm up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final. Results are calculated from the lap times set in the Final session.

Competitors who register for the full season will score championship points. Single round Championship entries are also accepted.




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