Snetterton – Round 9 Championship Podiums

NewsPosted on 24th October 2021

Snetterton- Round 9

Championship Podiums


1st Place: Andrew Hawes

2nd Place: Tim Bedford

3rd Place: Clive Hopwell


1st Place: Chris Butcher

2nd Place: Tom Moon

Pocket Rocket

1st Place: Andrew Kime

2nd Place: Lewis Noon

3rd Place: Connor Craven

Club 2WD

1st Place: David Dyson

2nd Place: Ross Walker

3rd Place: James Dover

Club 4WD

1st Place: Chrissy Martin

Club Pro 2WD

1st Place: Ben Robinson

2nd Place: Roman Grendel

Club Pro 4WD

1st Place:  Ian Pitman


BC Racing Pro 4wd

1st Place: Andrew Barbour

2nd Place: Paul Wright


Pro Extreme

1st Place: Simon Norris

2nd Place: Colin Dorward

Single Round Entries

Pocket Rocket : Michael Blenkinsop

Club 4WD:  Dan Holman

Club Pro 4WD: Jason Bird

Pro 4wd: Russ Paton

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