SuperPro supports Time Attack for 12th consecutive season

NewsPosted on 1st April 2020


It’s no coincidence that 2020 sees leading suspension component manufacturer SuperPro Europe support the UK Time Attack Championship for the 12th consecutive season. That’s because no other motorsport discipline reflects a variety of cars that are based on road-going versions more than Time Attack – and with SuperPro bushes providing benefits for vehicles that are used day-to-day as well as on-track, the championship provides a perfect showcase for the bushes’ cross-over attributes.

With every Time Attack event featuring four 15-20 minute sessions: Warm-up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final, competitors build-up speed during the day in order to post that perfect lap in the Final session, the times from which dictate the ultimate result.

Entries are split into classes, depending on the specification of the car and its potential performance – a factor that makes competition incredibly close with the top three finishers often separated by just fractions of seconds. To achieve this, teams modify and ‘tune’ their cars to get the very best from what they’ve got.

This is where SuperPro comes in, as Managing Director for the European operation Richard Fearn explains:

“Just by changing a car’s suspension bushes, it sharpens the steering, maintains suspension geometry and provides increased high-speed stability and greater balance through corners – exactly what’s required to deliver that winning lap.

“With almost all of the cars used in Time Attack being based on road-going models, SuperPro has applications for most of them and that’s why we see such synergy between our products, the championship, its competitors and its many followers.

“It’s also important to note that whilst fitting our bushes and suspension parts has a beneficial effect when the car is used on the circuit, it’s exactly the same component that enhances handling, ride, stability and steering characteristics on the road. This makes our products perfect for anyone who uses their car for competition at the weekend and as a daily-driver during the week.”

Time Attack Championship Coordinator Simon Slade underlines Richard’s comments:

“Our competitors are always looking for that edge. Many are using cars that started as standard models, some with minimum modifications and others more extensively tuned. Either way, it’s not just power that counts, its handling, control and of course, the input from the driver that makes the difference.

“We’re delighted that SuperPro has embraced the concept of Time Attack to promote its products. Not only putting them in front of the drivers and teams that are battling it out on the track, but to the 1000s of spectators at the events and on-line that avidly follow the action and therefore, engage with the brands that are associated with the championship. Long may the partnership continue!”

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