Time Attack Classes Announced

NewsPosted on 16th February 2014

2014 Car Competition Classes Announced

An extra class has been added

The 2014 Time Attack Championship regulations have now been submitted the MSA for consideration and approval for sign-off.

The classes proposed for the 2014 Championship are as follows:

  • Pro Extreme

  • Pro

  • Pro 2WD

  • Club Pro

  • Club Pro 2WD

  • Club Challenge 4WD

  • Club Challenge RWD

  • Club Challenge FWD

  • Club Challenge N/A

All teams and drivers are requested to submit their entry forms and confirm which class they would like to enter.

Seasoned Time Attack teams will notice that the only change this year is the addition of the Pro Extreme class which has been created to give a more ‘unlimited’ Car modification class which is suited to some builds which are beginning to appear and are not necessarily suitable for the current Pro class – which is for highly tuned/dialed tuning cars – not extremities of modification, aerodynamics or both.

Further information about this class can be provided to teams upon enquiry. Please contact Simon Slade for details via our contact us page on this website.

For details of the class breakdowns and classification process, please see the car classes section on this website.

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