New Pocket Rocket Class Confirmed for 2015

NewsPosted on 16th October 2014

New Class For Under 1750cc Cars Is Go!

This year has been a huge turning point for Time Attack, which has seen the Championship escalate to another level round-by-round and, to continue this theme, behind the scenes significant plans are taking shape for the coming season . We recently announced the new Clubman Class and we are delighted to confirm as planned, the new ‘Pocket Rocket’ class for 2015.


The concept and creation of the new category is to have a class for cars with smaller engines and one that is not specific to drive lines. For example, you can enter with a FWD, RWD or 4WD car that can either be naturally aspirated or possess some form of forced induction – turbocharging/supercharging. In true Time Attack tradition, mods and upgrades are free and all makes and models are accepted, as long as they comply to our Time Attack Club Challenge and safety regulations.


In order to ensure only smaller cars enter, there is one specific rule for Pocket Rockets: the car must retain the original style of engine to that of the original factory fitment at the time of manufacture and its displacement does not exceed 1750cc.

No engine swaps are allowed. However, you can modify your engine as you see fit, including increase the displacement up to and beyond 1750cc, change the cylinder head etc – as long as you retain the original engine block. You are permitted to switch the engine setup from naturally aspirated to forced induction, or vice-versa, there is no restriction on power or setup.

The Pocket Rocket Class will feature two sub-classes:

  • Forced Induction Class
  • Naturally Aspirated Class

There will be full championship status including points, podiums and season title, as enjoyed by the existing Time Attack classes.

There are two routes of entry available for each sub-class:

  • Full season Championship entry: To include point scoring, representation on the podium, trophies for first, second and third and overall championship status
  • One Hit Wonder entry – our suck it and see option: Eligible for up to three rounds per season, 1st place only class trophy and no championship points

Entry fees are the same as Club Challenge, which will remain unchanged from 2014. No ARDS test is required, all you need is an MSA non-Race licence, which you can apply for and obtain by filling out a form and paying a small annual fee: no medical, no fuss. Your car is not required to be road legal or have an MOT, but it must pass our technical scrutineering and safety regulations.

If you would like to receive a copy of the regulations, discuss your entry, get more information on how to enter and find out what it costs and what’s involved, Simon Slade is our Championship Coordinator and will be delighted to speak with you to help you get on track. Simon can be contacted on email using the contact us page.

Should you wish to come along to any of our events in person to see what its all about, our remaining 2014 dates/rounds/venues can be found here.

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