Brands Hatch – Round 2 Fastest Times Clubman & Pocket Rocket

Brands Hatch Round 2 – Fastest Times Clubman and Pocket Rocket Clubman Alex Bones (40) Mitsubishi EVO V NEW CLASS LAP RECORD! Ben Robinson (71) Noble M12 Amy Hill (26) BMW M3 Carl Owen (74) BMW Z4 Alan Shepherd (78) Ford Focus ST Steve Davey (76) Honda Civic Type-R Chris Butcher (82) Lexus ISF Sam […]

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Cadwell Park – Round 1 Fastest Times Clubman & Pocket Rocket

Cadwell Park Round 1 – Fastest Times Clubman and Pocket Rocket Clubman   Alex Bones (40) Mitsubishi EVO V Ben Robinson (71) Noble M12 Suzy Wallace (26) BMW M3     Gareth Broadbent (51) Ford Fiesta ST   Chris Butcher (82) Lexus ISF Charles Parker (7) Mazda RX7 Pocket Rocket Andy Taylor (90) Ford Fiesta […]

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Rockingham – Round 9 Results Retro, Clubman(+) & Pocket Rocket

Rockingham Round 9 – Quickest Times Classic & Retro, Clubman, Clubman+ and Pocket Rocket Classic & Retro Andy York (81) Peugeot 205 Andy Alden (19) Vauxhall Astra Single Round Entry Antonio Giovinazzo (27) Alfa Romeo 155 Mark Morris (55) Mazda MX5   FastR Clubman Single Round Entry Umar Masood (48) Honda Civic Type-R Matt Binstead (8) Ford Fiesta ST Ben Copson (56) Ford Fiesta ST Aaron Adams (80) Renault Clio Alexey […]

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Event Report : Rockingham Rd.6 (Pocket Rocket/Clubman)

What better way to end the 2015 UK Time Attack Championship, than to return to where it all started ten years ago? A lot has changed in the world of Time Attack in that time. Many names have come and gone. Many lap records have been set, some of which have lasted longer than others. […]

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Fastest Times of the Day : Rockingham Rd.6 (Clubman/Pocket Rocket)

Clubman+ Inaugural Clubman+ Lap Record! Jonny Roose : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII Mark McManus (Single Round Entry) : Seat Ibiza Darren Meddings (Single Round Entry) : Subaru ImprezaAlan Shepherd : Ford Focus Leigh Jordan : Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V Chris Milner (Single Round Entry) : Vauxhall Astra VXR Clubman Inaugural Clubman Lap Record! Warren Greenland […]

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Event Report : Croft Rd.5 (Pocket Rocket/Clubman)

A round-up of what happened with each of our drivers in Pocket Rocket, Clubman, Clubman+ and Classic & Retro Club listed in order of their fastest times of the day Time Attack rolled into Croft for the first time since 2013, with lots of new faces keen to attack the circuit they had heard so […]

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